Nordic Camp 2018

Rik Hermans
Les reisebrevet fra Rik Hermans fra Nordic Camp 2018.

Friday 3th of August. Alarm inside badminton senteret in Kristiansand is going way too early. It is time to catch the flight to Oslo where will meet and pick up 8 promising badminton players. Destination; Faroe Islands. Elias, Thomas Barth, Thomas Fjellheim, Sophie, Delia, Victoria, Elisa and especially Teodor helped me really well staying awake during the long trip (KRS-OSL-CPH-FAE).

Saturday 4th. Double mix tournament to get in touch with all other players from the Faroe Islands and Iceland. Finished the day with a relaxing swim in the swimming hall which was right beside the badminton hall.

Sunday 5th. A lovely sunny day which was even for Norwegian summer standards cold we took the bus to Gjogv where we had an hike to the top of one of the mountains. It was nice to experience the different nature up there. Beside this hike we stopped at a few other wonderful places, without hiking. In the evening we had a social program. In the quiz we found for example out how few people are living there. And how many sheeps….

Monday 6th – Thursday 9th 4 days, 12 badminton session. Topics which were passing the venue; Footwork and speed, First three shots in double, physical multi, technique in single defence, racket skills, trickshots, ngtskills. All these trainings where lead by Iceland, Myself and mostly Faroe Islands. Their head coach, Sune Gavnhold, came over from Denmark to lead these sessions. With his experience as player and coach both the players and me has learned a lot during these sessions from him. Ps; if someone wonders how to get Teodor quiet.. take him to bowling and beat him. That’s how we finished of the last day before departure.

Friday 10th Traveling back to Norway with 8 satisfied and tired players while carrying a new and special experience with them.

Norwegian players:
Elias Selsaas – Karmøy
Thomas Fjellheim – Haugerud
Thomas Barth – Bergen
Teodor Fjelldal – Haugerud
Elise Jellsnes – Bygdø
Delia Murtazalieva – Haugerud
Sophie Aamodt – Haugerud
Victoria Zhang – Haugerud